Please Continue To Wear A Face Mask

We are aware of the lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions from 19th July 2021. However, we still need to act cautiously to stop the spread of the virus. The delta variant is more transmissible and people visiting the practice may be contagious without knowing it. Many people are still not fully vaccinated, so cutting virus transmission is still important.

So, based on the advice from the Chief Dental Officer, we are asking everyone visiting our practice to:

Stay safe everyone. Please visit our COVID-19 page for further details.
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When it’s all broken!

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When it's all broken

Dentists and patients are very used to looking at and treating disease in single teeth or areas of gum but sometimes the whole “system” is broken and needs to be treated as such. These “full mouth reconstructions” include planning treatment around not only teeth and gums but also jaw joints, muscles and bites using multiple treatment modalities together. It’s very important to identify the “trigger” for the problem, plan meticulously and discuss all treatment options with their pros and cons. Modern dental techniques can allow us to transform the function and appearance of badly damaged teeth without the need for traditional dentures.

Though some broken teeth can be treated relatively simply, some individuals require a more comprehensive course of specialist treatment. You may wish to check out our Full mouth dental rehabilitation page listed under Specialist Procedures.

Why should I choose to have this done at Holbrook Dental Practice?

We have been a private dental practice for almost 30 years and have provided exceptionally high quality dentistry and individualized patient care from the outset.

We have highly trained specialists and general dentists, who between them, can cover all aspects of dental care you may need. Our dentists are well known and respected clinicians and are at the forefront of their field. They are recognized trainers and devote a significant part of their time training dentists and specialists in Yorkshire and beyond.

We pride ourselves in getting to know all of our patients individually and have a warm, welcome, relaxed environment that makes you feel completely at home.

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