Holbrook Dental Practice

Your Safety


Our policy is never to put any of our patients or staff at risk. We take great care to ensure all cross infection procedures are carried out. All instruments are sterilised, disposed of or disinfected as appropriate in our dedicated decontamination room. All our equipment is serviced and repaired as per official guidelines. All clinical staff have been fully vaccinated in accordance with the latest recommendations.


Good hand hygiene is of the utmost importance in preventing the spread of any infection. Our staff are fully trained to observe good hand hygiene at all times and we have also provided an illustration of the most effective hand washing technique in the patient washroom. Hand gels are also provided in our patient areas and for use upon entering and exiting the building should you so wish.


We endeavour to keep radiographic examinations to a minimum however, radiographs (X-rays) need to be taken at regular intervals to ensure any problems are identified early. The radiation levels are now so low that lead aprons are no longer worn although we do have one on the premises for specific cases


To ensure that the treatment you receive is appropriate to your needs both dentally and medically, we regularly update the medical history of all our patients. However, if you are aware of any changes in your health since your last visit, then please make your Dentist aware and don’t wait to be asked. It could have a bearing on how your treatment is provided.


We hold regular CPR Resuscitation and other emergency training sessions to ensure we all feel able to respond correctly should the need arise.


To help with your safety we would ask that patients report to Reception on arrival and before leaving the Practice.