Sadly either because of tooth decay, gum disease or infection some teeth are unrestorable and have to be removed. Thankfully because of modern treatment techniques this is a much rarer occurrence than in the past but still an unhappy time.
Wisdom teeth can cause repeated bouts of pain in some adolescents as they erupt into the mouth and would commonly be extracted by a colleague or in Hospital.
Extractions can be recommended as part of Orthodontic (brace) treatment in teenagers.
Usually most extractions are carried out quite comfortably under local anaesthesia and heal well. Sometimes a small “stitch” will be placed to help healing.
If we feel that a procedure is likely to be more difficult than normal or a Patient is particularly nervous we will refer to a more specialised colleague who can also provide intravenous sedation, a technique that removes all anxiety but does make you very sleepy and in need of aftercare by someone for a few hours. Our experience is that those Patients who have tried sedation would not hesitate to recommend it.