Cosmetic Treatments

Many treatments are available today with the sole objective being improving the appearance of your smile. These can vary from single tooth to complete “smile makeovers”. The most common are Porcelain Veneers and tooth whitening but almost all the listed treatments in this section can be utilised.
If you’re considering a cosmetic treatment it’s very important to discuss your expectations with us in detail so we can find the most appropriate method of satisfying your wishes. Most procedures have pros and cons and we find that time spent at this planning stage often with photographs and dental models is vital to a predictable happy outcome.
One of the latest techniques involves the fabrication of “false gums” or flexible gingival epitheses. These soft silicone prostheses can be made to cover up unsightly dark spaces between front teeth where gum recession has compromised the appearance. We have a number of Patients using these and they really work well.