Holbrook Dental Practice

Dental Treatment

From the moment you first contact us, we will do our utmost to make the experience as pleasant as a trip to the dentist ever could be!  A significant part of this process is ensuring that you understand what you can expect from us.

Patient Journey

Initially, prior to the first consultation you will be sent a Dental Health Questionnaire which you will be asked to complete and bring with you to the appointment. If you have any questions that you would like to ask Steven or Jette please write them down, we love questions! Also, if you’re taking any medication please bring a list of the medicines with you. You will be greeted on Reception and if you have any queries with the Dental Health Questionnaire we will be able to help you. While waiting there are a wide variety of up to date magazines and daily newspapers for you to read and you will also be offered a drink to help you relax if you attend for your appointment early.

Your first appointment as a new patient will last for 45 minutes. In this time Steven or Jette will discuss the Dental Health Questionnaire and any problems you’re currently experiencing, your dental history and what you might like to change to give you a perfect smile. They will then thoroughly check your teeth, gums, soft tissues, muscles and joints and take any necessary x-rays/photographs. At this stage they will discuss any treatment that you may require. Occasionally if the treatment you require is more complex you may need to book a further appointment to discuss specific treatments in more detail. You will always be given an estimate as to the cost prior to booking any appointments.

After the initial consultation if no treatment is required Steven or Jette will advise how frequently you need to have a check-up and this is likely to be somewhere between 4 and 12 monthly intervals. This is also the same for Jacqui, our Hygienist. You can choose to book your next appointment at the end of any visit to the Practice or you can wait for a letter from us to remind you that an appointment is due, in which case you will simply need to contact the Practice to book.

If you feel you are a more nervous than usual patient please don’t worry, we always do our best to try and relax you as this is normal for a trip to the dentist!


Treatment Options

Any suggested treatment is discussed in detail and you will be made aware of all the options available to you in order that you can make an informed decision about how you want to proceed and the associated costs.


The following represent the areas of treatment that we provide and you will find a detailed description of the process involved together with an honest assessment of the pros and cons of each.


For more information on each treatment option please click the title to view more information.
All the treatment images on the website are of work done by Jette and Steven in the Practice.